What Are Some Energy-Efficient Fridges In NZ?

Fridges are one of the highest energy users in the home. Choosing the right size model with a high Energy Rating will save money and energy. But there are nearly 600 models of fridge available in New Zealand so how do you decide which is right for you?

EECA.govt.nz has assessed a range of fridges for energy efficiency and annual running costs. You can get more details at this link.

Fridges By Energy-Efficiency

According to the EECA findings these are the most energy-efficient fridges available in NZ. In fact, Sub-Zero has 11 of the top 12 fridges.

Sub-zero fridge

Sub-zero fridge

Their best unit is the SUB-ZERO ICBID-24RO consuming just 120 kWh 120. It quite a small fridge with a volume of only 118L which no doubt contributes towards its low energy usage and low annual running cost of $30.

The only other brand that appears in the top 12 by energy-rating is the SAMSUNG SRP406RS, which was in fact second. Its energy usage was 190 kWh and an annual running cost of $48. It is a good size fridge at 407L.

Both of these fridges have an energy-rating of 4 stars. The next Sub-Zero units are 3.5 stars.

To find the third brand we have to go to position 13 to find the LIEBHERR UIK1620. Its energy consumption is 153 kWh and an annual running cost of $38. Again it is a small fridge with a volume of 140L.

The Least Energy-Efficient Fridges

The Energy Wise tests rate the bottom three fridges at only 1 star. Those units are:-

LIEBHERR UKES1752 with an energy consumption of 337 kWh and annual running costs of $84.
For a small fridge of only 131L this is surprising. It is also in contrast to the other Leibherr model above which was one the more efficient items so do not rely solely on the brand name.

Second worst was the LIVING & CO. VBFG-LVC with annual energy consumption of 292 kWh. Its running cost is $73 and volume is 122L.

The third from bottom fridge is the MIDEA 356130 using 299 kWh producing annual running costs of $75. It is a small fridge with a volume of 133L.

In summing up, EECA says:

“Be realistic about size – if your existing fridge is usually less than two thirds full, try a smaller model to save on energy.”

For more details about their findings go to this page https://www.energywise.govt.nz/tools/rightware/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI5YOJkay-5wIVjRaPCh0VSwSIEAMYASAAEgJjbPD_BwE#!/products/Fridges%20&%20freezers

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