Home Appliances Run On Electricity – How Do They Use?

The amount of electricity different appliances uses depends on many factors. These include the type of appliance, it’s operating design, the brand, age, and amount of servicing it gets.

How Much Power Does A Fridge Use?

A fridge/freezer upright combo (typical of many households in New Zealand) will vary in its power consumption based on its size and efficiency. An average 350-370 litre fridge might cost around $110-$120 a year – but make sure you check the energy star rating, size and annual running costs. You can even get a consumer-friendly power usage metre that plugs in between the wall and your fridge to monitor the actual energy being used.

What can you do to reduce electricity usage?

Check seals regularly on both fridge and freezer – any gaps could mean extra power used. Make sure the unit is running properly – signs like strange noises and lack of cold despite being set low could mean servicing or replacement is needed.

Also, be sure to keep a fridge or freezer full. They use more power if there are empty spaces. If you don’t have food to fill it, scrunch up some newspaper.

What About An Oven?

Whirlpool ovenOvens require a lot of power to heat up to high temperatures to cook food. The power used can fluctuate based on temperature.

The cost of running an oven can increase when the door is opened frequently to check food (as the oven then needs to heat back up after closing the door). An empty oven sitting at the right temperature for a long period is simply a waste of power – so keep an eye on the preheat light!

As with a fridge or freezer, check the seals to reduce heat escape.

High Usage Appliances

The big electricity usage home appliances are dishwashers, clothes dryers and washing machines. Typical annual running costs according to Powershop (https://www.powershop.co.nz) are:-

  • Washing machine $274
  • Dishwasher $248
  • Oven $219
  • Clothes dryer $204
  • Stove $164

Smaller Home Appliances

Other common domestic appliances and whiteware include a TV, and computers. These tend to use much less power than the oven and washing machine.

A desktop computer $55

A laptop computer $18

TV $29.

Big Note About Electricity Usage And Running Costs

The usage and annual electricity costs vary wildly within a product category. Some brands tend to be lower in one category but not others. However, just because a brand might have one high-efficiency model, it does not mean that all their models will perform well so be sure to look at the individual energy-rating and running costs.

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